About US

Quality, the price for a stable network.

Our countries electrical grid forms one of the oldest and most essential parts of Its infrastructure. Large steel works, oil rigs, petrochemical plants, natural gas handling plants, automobile industry, water desalination plants, food industry and in fact the whole of the heavy and manufacturing industries and on the other hand all hospitals, Homes, schools, hotels and the whole of the non-manufacturing part of the industry and welfare of the Nation is thriving and benefiting from the electrical power generation, transmission and distribution grid. Quality is the singularly most important guarantee of the stability of this grid and in effect is the main pillars which our economy, industry and welfare rests on. From it's very early days nearly 36 years ago as a department in a mother trade company and particularly since 30 years ago which was founded under its current name “Nekuniru” by late Mr Alireza Nikraz, It has stayed true and has always vigorously followed on its main overarching strategy of “increasing Iran’s power grid’s stability by providing it with best, world-class equipment available worldwide”. In light of this strategy we always strive to provide the best quality and latest technology available to be used in Iran’s national electrical grid. Under this pledge, Nekuniru partnered with the top level, world class players in this field from Canada to countries in Western Europe with average of more than 70 years of experience each in their Field of manufacturing. Resulting from this approach, throughout the past three and a half decade we claim to have been doing our bit to make electrical energy accessible, safe and readily available for all manners of consumers in our county.