Basbar System

The company which is the manufacturer and supplier of basbars is a pioneer in the field of solid insulation. The RIP technology (resin impregnated paper) was developed by this Company in the late 1950s and has been sold under the brand name DURESCA® for busbars and later also for bushings. Due to this long-standing expertise we have extensive know-how with more than 55 years of field experience. Given core skill in RIP, they are focusing on the two business segments busbars and bushings. As Moser Glaser is certified in SN EN ISO 9001: 2015, 14001: 2015 and BS OHSAS 18001: 2007 we manufacture all products at our factory in Kaiseraugst, Switzerland.

DURESCA® - Busbar system
DURESCA® - today a synonym for a fully insulated busbar system for the transmission of energy in medium and high Voltage equipment, such as transformer - switchgear connections or generator - generator breaker – transformer connections. The DURESCA® busbar system provides a compact and a fully electrically shielded solution against a cable connection or conventional air-insulated busbars. It allows smaller bend radii in limited spaces. The individually insulated busbars are simple and quick to assemble and guarantee a long and maintenance-free operation, since each component passes through a routine test and therefore is delivered without any partial discharge. The DURESCA® busbars also stand the test under extreme conditions, such as on offshore platforms, in petrochemical industries, in Siberia at -50°C, and also in the desert with maximum sun exposure and temperatures above 50°C.
DURESCA® Busbar systems for MV –applications
There are two types of the DURESCA® Busbar system available. The type DE has a high quality corrugated polyamide tube protecting the RIP insulation body. This tube has been tested under severe climatic conditions in a third-party lab and fulfills ASTM D-2565 standard. The DURESCA® Busbar type DE can be used indoors as well as outdoors.
DURESCA® Busbar systems for HV-applications
Moser Glaser is the only manufacturer to offer fully insulated busbar systems up to 170kV. On top of this comes the synergy between busbar systems and DURESCA® wall and transformer bushings up to 300kV with RIP insulation.
Main features of DURESCA® Busbar systems
Depending on the current, the busbar has either a round solid or a hollow conductor. The materials used are aluminum EN-AW-6101b T7 or electrolytic copper ETP H. The earth screen in copper with a cross-section of 50 mm2 for an internal short circuit up to 8kA/1s, is also embedded in the insulation and makes the busbars touch safe.
The insulation surface of the busbar is covered by a protection tube which is either flat or corrugated. This pure resin layer between RIP and protective jacket is an additional protection against the penetration of moisture. With this construction, the busbars and sleeves have a protection class IP 68 and an impact resistance IK 10.
The maximum length of each busbar is 10 meters. If longer busbar connections are needed or if only smaller busbars can be produced due to limited space, the individual busbars are connected with insulating sleeves during assembly. Each busbar and all fixing materials are custom made in our factory. This makes the assembly simple and it can be carried out without any special tools.
Connectors for DURESCA® Busbar systems
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