Surge Arresters

Comprehensive product portfolio
· Stable continuous duty and lowest failure rates ensuring a long service life
· Best protection levels and loading capacity
· Efficiency and the highest quality in manufacturing
TRIDELTA provides arresters for every requirement. Our products are especially developed for service in all environmental conditions around the world. They are successfully installed in coastal and desert regions, in areas with high industrial air pollution, heavy wind load and extreme climatic conditions, in seismic zones and other areas that require special protection. TRIDELTA arresters protect outdoor equipment such as transformers, motors, generators, traction vehicles or other equipment from atmospheric and switching over voltages. Furthermore, TRIDELTA provides surge arresters for special applications:
· Arresters for capacitor banks in static compensators
· AC and DC railway arresters
· Arresters for indoor applications in MV cubicles
· Cable sheath protection arresters
In addition TRIDELTA offers an extensive range of transmission line arresters – a cost-effective solution to protect overhead transmission lines, reduce potential line outages and enhance system reliability. A wide range of porcelain and polymer housings in various designs and versions is the basis to provide the optimum surge arrester for every application.
SURGE ARRESTERS by TRIDELTA Fast, flexible and customer-oriented
The TRIDELTA venture, since 2015 being part of Meidensha Corporation/Japan, has more than 50 years of experience and is specialized in producing high quality surge arresters. TRIDELTA is independent and therefore an ideal partner not only for utilities but also for contractors and EPC´s looking for products from an independent source. TRIDELTA stands for fast, flexible and customer-oriented solutions. As a result of the stable continuous duty, the long lifetime, the low loss rate and a very good price performance ratio of our surge arresters, TRIDELTA is one of the leading surge arrester manufacturers worldwide. The TRIDELTA surge arrester portfolio covers all areas of application, no matter which environmental conditions the surge arresters need to withstand. Based on high technical knowledge new innovative products are added constantly to the portfolio.
MOV blocks by Meidensha –
The heart of reliability
Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) blocks are the heart of surge arresters. They define the electrical properties and the protective function of a surge arrester. Since 2015 TRIDELTA is part of the Meidensha Corporation/Japan, the first company that introduced the concept of MOV blocks to the market more than 40 years ago. Since then Meidensha
Corporation is the major supplier of MOV blocks to TRIDELTA.
Meidensha´s tradition and know-how in developing and manufacturing MOV blocks leads to high quality arresters with excellent energy absorption capability and best protective levels ensuring a long lifetime of TRIDELTA surge arresters.
High Voltage Surge Arresters with Silicone Housing – TRIDELTA‘s Masterpieces
· Three different designs for applications with standard, advanced or highest technical requirements
· Outstanding pollution performance
· Resistance to tracking erosion and UV radiation
· Fire retardant and self-extinguishing
· Lifetime hydrophobicity
TRIDELTA offers three different arrester designs for high voltage applications with silicone housing for standard, advanced and highest technical requirements:
Solid Core, Cage and Tube Design. They all use high quality silicone as insulation material with outstanding pollution performance. All three of the designs benefit from important silicone properties such as resistance to tracking erosion and UV radiation, being fire retardant and self-extinguishing plus being water-repellent. Genuine silicone rubber housings, compared to other polymeric materials, retain their hydrophobicity during the lifetime of the arrester. This results in a long service life of all TRIDELTA arresters with silicone housings.
All three of the designs use the same high quality MOV blocks ensuring excellent electrical performance. They benefit from easy transportation and installation thanks to their reduced weight compared to porcelain arresters. The differences between these three product lines are their internal design and the method of fixing the column of MOV blocks into the housing of arrester. Please refer to the next page for more details.
Solid Core design:
Mechanical stability is given by a solid core of prefabricated modules of fiberglass reinforced woven structure ensuring mechanical stability of the arrester for standard requirements.
Cage design:
A cage of FRP rods around the stack of MOV block, fixed into the terminals by a patented wedge clamping system, ensures higher mechanical strength for advanced requirements.
Tube design:
A FRP tube with enclosed gas volume, including a pressure relief device, ensures greatest possible mechanical strength, for highest mechanical requirements, i. e. for areas with high seismic activity, heavy wind load, extreme climatic conditions or additional mechanical loads.