Cable and Cable accessories

Progressive for more than 100 years
Südkabel Company, has been developed and achieved in Mannheim for more than 100 years. It doesn’t just produce high quality cables and accessories, but also accomplish pioneering work – particularly in the field of XLPE technology.

• High and extra-High Voltage cable and cable accessories
• Medium Voltage cable and cable accessories
• Special products
High and extra-High Voltage cable and cable accessories
From the High- and Extra High transmission grids, there are extremely high demands for the transmission capacity of cables. In order to comply with these requirements, conductor cross sections up to a maximum of 2500 sqmm were developed. A significant improvement in the current rating of XLPE-insulated power cables could be achieved by segmenting the conductor and implementing further additional design improvements. Based on these design improvements an increase in the transmission capacity of 15 percent could be secured.
Technically always one step ahead
Südkabel accessories for the XLPE-technology are part of the technical front-runners. In 1995 the cable joint for the 400 kV cable passed the world’s first qualification test in line with CIGRÉ’s recommendations. Our compact plug-in sealing terminations for 550 kV are a good example for the development of creating safe, environmentally-and installation-friendly systems of accessories.
Medium Voltage cable and cable accessories
In the medium voltage range Südkabel has maintained its technical front-runner status, and indeed is still upgrading it. This includes the extremely multifaceted product portfolio: from simple basic products to highly specialized, customized items for voltage ranges up to 36 kV. With approximately 30 percent of cable lengths installed, medium voltage cables are, after their low voltage counterparts, the most frequently installed category of power cable. As a standard product, we manufacture single-core, XLPE-insulated power cables from 35 to 800 sqmm conductor cross-sectional area for voltage levels from 6/10 kV to 30 kV, featuring aluminum or copper conductors. All other commonly used types of cable can likewise be produced. We’ll be pleased to draw up a quotation for you.
A wide range of cable accessories
Our clients estimate our wide range of cable accessories for medium voltage. Various electrical and mechanical requirements comply with appropriate structures and careful selection of the used material.
• Terminations and Joints for XLPE-insulated 12-36 kV Medium Voltage Cables
• Plug-in Termintations for XLPE-insulated 12-52 kV Medium Voltage Cables
• Portfolio Accessories
• T-Shaped Plug-in Termination Type SAT 24, Interface Type C, 1250 A
• T-Shaped Plug-in Termination Type SAT 36, Interface Type C, 1250 A
Special Products
Special items for special applicationsFor various applications, we offer our customers special products. Here, too, the focus is on safe, cost-efficient solutions. Our range offers you prefabricated and pretested cable links, XLPE cables and accessories for electrostatic precipitator system. Perhaps there’s something here for you as well?
Prefabricated and pretested
The preassembled XLPE cables are fitted with terminations and can be used for connecting transformers, switchgears and overhead transmission line systems. We manufacture the cables to customised specifications for precut length and accessories. All cables are tested in our factory.
The termination for specialized requirements
Our SEHDL sealing end for electrostatic precipitator cables was developed to meet the specialised requirements applying for electrostatic precipitator systems. The SEHDL termination can be used in electrostatic precipitator systems with cables of the A2XSY 1×50/25 111 kV type.
Developed for continuous electrical stress
Südkabel developed XLPE-insulated cables for applications in electrostatic precipitator systems up to an open circuit voltage of 111 kVs. These cables are suitable for a continuously permissible conductor temperature of 90°C and a short-circuit temperature of 250°C.
Cabled instrument tubing
In automation and control systems, the pneumatic and hydralic measuring and control pulses are transmitted over lenghty distances by cabled instrument tubings.
Cabled instrument tubings are used for the following instrumentation and control applications:
• hydraulic control systems
• pneumatic telemetering and remote control systems
• control systems on machine tools
• feeding lines for gaseous and liquid substances
We manufacture individual tubes from:
• polyethylene
• polyamide
• copper